Oh my goblin!
Morgan to Astral in Lost in Translation

Morgan is one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon Series, The Other Kingdom. She is portrayed by Celina Martin.

Smart, kind, but lacking in self-confidence, Morgan is probably the only girl in school who knows as much about fairies as Astral. That’s why they’re such great friends! Their shared love of all things fairy-related which means Morgan and Astral have lots in common but also spells trouble for Astral’s secret. Speaking of secrets, Morgan's got a huge crush on her childhood friend Devon, but doesn’t want to admit it.


Season 1



Her bestie, Astral, is all of the rage for her. Not only being a fairy, they have a very strong relationship definately for such a little time they been together. (See: Astrgon)


Before "Trouncing the Council", Morgan was the only one in the crushing status, but after the episode, Devon begins to develop feelings for her. Devon shows his feelings by giving her a picture. (See: Dorgon)


Way much more than "the Girl Next Door" Morgan is very smart and kind but is not self-confident. However, she can give loads of information, and everyone can notice she deeply cares for her friends. (Example: Instead of telling Astral to stay and look for Tristan, she told her to go home, even though Astral was dead-set on finding Tristan to find out what he wanted to say to her on the phone.)


  • Her mom owns a clothing store.
  • She sees the Athenian Royals (other than Astral) for the first time in Trouncing the Council. They disappear when she tries to give them a hug.
  • She hides that she likes Devon from Astral.
  • She has been fascinated by fairies since childhood and believes in their existence.