Season One is the very first season of The Other Kingdom sitcom series. It is when Astral finds out how the mortal world is like. When she gets to the mortal world, she has to face normal teenager issues.


Season 1 is when Astral goes to the mortal world and discovers the different adventures of a teen. She does many things to keep from being exposed, but her fairy abilities (such as not lying) are saying otherwise.


Astral has always fantasized about living with humans and now's her chance! Leaving her home in the Fairy Kingdom of Athenia means she'll have to keep her identity a secret at all costs. Posing as an exchange student, she's determined to experience what life is like for a normal high schooler— but she's got a lot to learn first.

Like, what's a 'selfie'? And where does broccoli come from? It's a whole new world for Astral and she'll soon find out that fitting in is hard, especially if you're a fairy princess.


No. Ep. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.


1 1 What Fools These Mortals Be Don McCutcheon Tommy Lynch April 10, 2016 101
2 2 The New Kid Don McCutcheon Tommy Lynch April 10, 2016 102
3 3 Lost in Translation Don McCutcheon Jan Caruana April 17, 2016 103
4 4 Thanks a Latte Stefan Scaini Skander Halim April 17, 2016 104
5 5 Where There's Smoke Stefan Scaini Tommy Lynch April 24, 2016 105
6 6 Witch! Don McCutcheon Max Burnett April 24, 2016 106
7 7 Cold Season Don McCutcheon Skander Halim May 1, 2016 107
8 8 Expiration Date Laurie Lynd Jan Caruana May 1, 2016 108
9 9 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Laurie Lynd Karen McClellan May 8, 2016 109
10 10 I Got This Gail Harvey Tommy Lynch May 8, 2016 110
11 11 Trouncing the Council Gail Harvey Skander Halim May 15, 2016 111
12 12 Let There Be Cake Laurie Lynd Karen McClellan May 15, 2016 112
13 13 Get a Job Laurie Lynd Ryan Lynch May 22, 2016 113
14 14 Bad, Bad Fairy Gail Harvey Tommy Lynch May 22, 2016 114
15 15 Love Hurts Gail Harvey Max Burnett June 5, 2016 115
16 16 You Can't Go Home Again Kaare Andrews Jan Caruana June 5, 2016 116
17 17 Cliff Anger John L'Ecuyer Karen McClellan June 12, 2016 117
18 18 The Campaign John L'Ecuyer Skander Halim June 12, 2016 118
19 19 The Great Escape Gail Harvey Matt Burnett

Ryan Lynch

June 19, 2016 119
20 20 Hidden in Plain Sight Gail Harvey Tommy Lynch June 19, 2016 120


  • Astral enters the mortal world to learn what it is to be truly human.
  • Astral finds her human love interest and sweetheart, Tristan.
  • Morgan is the first person to find out that Astral is a fairy.
  • Devon is the second person to find out that Astral is a fairy.
  • Astral and Devon are cousins. 
  • Devon is half-fairy and half-human. 
  • Astral and Tristan shared their first kiss. 
  • Tristan is the lost prince and a Spartanian.


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