Spartania is one of the nine mystical worlds in addition to Athenia. Its portal in the mortal realm has not yet been shown.


The fairies of Spartania have been at odds with the fairies of Athenia for centuries for an unexplained reason.


King Reed

As the absolute ruler of Spartania, he has grown into a hard-heated fairy who believes that fairies and "others" cannot coexist. He is the archenemy of the King of Anthenia and attempted to force him in taking his side against "others." He is seen to be secretly conspiring with Versitude.


He one of dozens of fairies in Spartania who shows up on Earth to get the Princess of Athenia into falling for him so he could marry her.


Although he has lived on Earth as an "other" for several years and seems to have no memory of his life as a fairy, Tristan is revealed to be Spartania's long-lost prince who is fated to conquer all of Athenia. This could prove quite difficult, as he has romantic feelings for the princess of Athenia.


  • Its people are called "Spartanians."
  • Like Athenia, its name is derived from a city in Greece: Sparta.